Danish metalcore four-piece Ghost Iris have just released a music video for their new Comatose track, "Desert Dread," which features a guest appearance by Chimaira frontman Mark Hunter.

This latest single follows up the debut Comatose hard-hitter "Paper Tiger" and showcases the band's knack for lean songwriting and natural feel for crunching groove riffs that are hooks in their own right as "Desert Dread" builds to a buttery choral crescendo.

For Chimaira fans, hearing Hunter's familiar screaming is a nice consolation after learning late last year that the band was discussing a reunion for a 2020 Christmas show and even noted the possibility that new music could materialize. Then came a pandemic, which put those plans on ice.

"Comatose is a title that represents in a plethora of ways. It’s about the fact that many people are asleep, but even from a coma, one can arise," said Ghost Iris of the forthcoming release.

"On the surface, it might seem extremely dark, nihilistic, and bearing of a defeatist attitude, but darkness cannot exist where there’s light. We all exist in the age of enlightenment and even though it seems as if we’re all screwed and the earth is almost destroyed, times will surely change. Arise from the coma, no longer comatose, we fight the demons."

The band continued, "The artwork for Comatose depicts Kali, whose name translates to “she who is death," as a mere mortal. To serve the title of the album, the majority of mankind are asleep and oblivious as to what is going on around them. Ultimately, we are death. However, there is no darkness without the light - let us all arise from the coma."

Comatose drops May 7 on Long Branch Records. Pre-order the album here.

The lyrics and music video for "Desert Dread" can both be seen below as well as the album's artwork and track listing at the bottom of the page.

Ghost Iris, "Desert Dead" Lyrics

Grant them blissful abortion

Justified mindless contortion
Grant them blissful abortion

"The choice is yours"
They swallow it raw
Pillars of four
Swallowing the law

Procreation - An ethical right
New life - an absence of might
Unsupervised growth
They'll eternally loathe
Society pushes forward lies as it seem

Ghost Iris featuring Mark Hunter, "Desert Dead" Video

Ghost Iris, Comatose Album Art + Track Listing

Long Branch Records
Long Branch Records

01. "(3815935)"
02. "desert dread" feat. Mark Hunter
03. "paper tiger"
04. "cult"
05. "former self"
06. "coda"
07. "ebb//flow"
08. "cold sweat"
09. "coma"
10. "power schism"


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