I've seen offers like this in the past - some company offers a chunk of change to folks who are willing to watch a bunch of TV - and it always seems too good to be true. Well, it must be true, because it keeps happening, and this new offer is one of the sweetest I've seen. A handful of lucky people (five people, which is literally a handful) are going to get paid $1,000 to watch the popular sitcom 'Friends.'

Of course, there are a few stipulations - it's not quite as simple as 'just watching the show.' The chosen few will need to/have to/get to watch every episode of the first five seasons of 'Friends.' Okay, is that it? Well, pretty much. In addition to watching the show, you'll need to talk about your experience on social media - odds are you would be doing that anyway. Once you're done watching them all, you'll need to rank the five seasons and share those thoughts online as well.

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Seems like a pretty sweet gig, doesn't it? I mean, I'm a pretty skeptical guy, but I'm having a hard time finding the flaws. I guess all that's left is for you to try and score one of those five 'golden tickets.'

How To Apply

There is just a tiny bit of work involved, but it's really not bad, considering what you're applying to do. First, you'll need to visit BestValueSchools.org where you can fill out an application. Part of the application process involves writing 200 words about why you deserve that grand in yo' hand. You'll also need to show how you would share your experience on social media.

How Long Will It Take to Watch?

I've done a little bit of math here - I say that just in case my numbers are wrong - and I've broken down what kind of time commitment you'd be looking at if chosen. Follow me here...

  • There are 24 episodes per season, except for season three which for some reason has 25 episodes. That's a total of 121 episodes.
  • Each episode is approximately 22 minutes long, which adds up to about 2,700 total minutes, You can break that down into just under 45 hours.
  • You're getting paid $1,000, which gives you a wage of about $22 an hour. Not too shabby my friend.

Of course, there are some more details and information about this opportunity, and you can get it all at BestValueSchools.org.

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