When I say Hell, I'm referring to Hell, Michigan. Yes, that's really a place.

Who knew Hell is not too far form Ann Arbor MI? LOL. The city want's to marry 29 couples, at 2:29 pm, on 2/29. According to mlive.com, the reverend performing the ceremony had this to say:

Imagine having only to remember your wedding anniversary every four years...Couples will be joined in whatever weather Michigan gifts us with that day. The ceremony will take place outside the chapel. Bring family and friends to witness your special day.

It will be a mass ceremony involving all of the 29 couples and it is FREE. But, you already have a marriage lien on the big day. Out-of-state couples can get the license from the Livingston County courthouse. At the courthouse, each person must  have a valid drivers license.

People love theme weddings and this sounds like the most unique idea I have ever heard. Although most of the 29 sots have been filled, there are still a few left. If this sound like your cup of tea, call 810-623-1125.

[SOURCE: MLive.com]

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