Last year, George Lynch announced his intent to retire the Lynch Mob name that he'd used for his band since branching out from his early days in Dokken. Now it appears as though Lynch potentially has a new name ready for when he returns to the road.

The decision was announced by the guitarist last August during a period of heightened awareness over the history of the name Lynch Mob and feeling that while it had always been "problematic," the time for a change had come. He called it "inexcusable" to continue under the moniker. Lynch had also reworked his band's early Wicked Sensation album for a fresh release which also provided a full circle moment that he could use as a jumping off point for a fresh start.

"With everything going on right now in the world, it was really sort of an epiphany moment. I just kind of woke up and said, 'You know, I think with this record, this is our swan song. I think this would be a good place to exit the stage.' We've created this bookend — answer to the first record," said Lynch at the time.

Now Lynch has spoken with Aftershocks TV, sharing what is a potential name for his touring band when he gets a chance to play live again.

"I'll always have my touring entity. It won't be Lynch Mob. I'm thinking of calling it George Lynch and the New West," says the guitarist. "The New West is a name I've had kicking around since freakin' the '80s, and I told some of my friends about it. And recently I [have been] kind of searching for a new name for a touring entity, and one friend brought that up. He goes, 'What about the New West? That was a cool-ass name.' And I'm, like, 'You know what? Yeah. I do like that. George Lynch and the New West. Why not?' So I think that might be what I'll use. That's what I've been putting out there with my agent."

The guitarist adds that there are other benefits to a fresh name as well. "That way, it'll give me the freedom to play a wider variety of stuff," says Lynch. "It's not just gonna be Lynch Mob-centric. I mean, I'll probably play some of that, and Dokken, but also all kinds of other stuff. I can play anything. I can change it up every night."

Lynch also recently spoke about the possibility of doing more with his onetime band Dokken, revealing that he and Don Dokken are now seeing eye-to-eye on a reunion of the classic lineup.

He told Misplaced Straws, "I've actually been talking to Don a little bit, and we're both in agreement that [more reunion shows] should probably happen — meaning some kind of a meaningful reunion done in the right way, carefully and with proper preparation and time and rehearsals and not just throwing it out there like we did last time." Lynch also suggested Steve Brown, who plays with Lynch and Jeff Pilson in their group The End Machine, as "the obvious choice" to fill the void of retired Dokken drummer "Wild" Mick Brown should the reunion shows take place. Steve is Mick's brother.

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