Geezer Butler found an interesting post-Black Sabbath band a few years back joining Deadland Ritual with drummer Matt Sorum, guitarist Steve Stevens and singer Franky Perez, but during a chat with Bass Magazine, Butler shed doubt on whether the group will return with more music.

Deadland Ritual released their debut single, "Down in Flames," in 2018 and followed with "Broken and Bruised" in 2019, playing their first show in West Hollywood in May of 2019. While more material has been written, Butler reveals the pandemic kind of messed with the band's progress and potential future.

“We had about 13 or 14 songs written, and we were about to go into the studio when the pandemic came along,” he explains. “And now Steve won't leave his house [laughter], and so I think the singer [Franky Perez] is doing something else, and Matt is doing something also.”

The bassist says they had "some really good stuff" that he "might rescue" and put on a future solo album.

Butler also offered that he "wouldn't say never" when it came to future projects, but his ability to complete things has been hampered a bit by residing in America during the pandemic while some of what he needs it at his home in England.

"I haven't been able to go to back [to England] since December of 2019 [due to the pandemic]. I've got so many things I've done, but they’re all over there. It's hard work — to find out where to start with them. I'll go through stuff. A lot of it is on DAT tapes, so I’ve got to find a way to play them too [laughter],” he explains.

Butler did recently receive his second COVID vaccine dose and expressed his desire to return home, hoping he could travel soon. "Can I go to England now?," Butler tweeted with the hashtags: #please #missingtherain #longestivebeenaway.

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