We've teamed up with our rescue friends in Posey County, Indiana. Each week we share an adoptable dog from PC Pound Puppies and an adoptable feline friend from Posey Humane Society as well as details on how you can make them a forever part of your home. Let me introduce you to your next best friend.

PC Pound Puppies

Meet Ace

Ace is 60 pounds of love - look at the smile! This 2 year old pupper is going to make someone an amazing bestest friend. He even knows some basic commands like sit, stay and shake!  According to PC Pound Puppies,

Ace is back at the shelter and is very sad about it. He was recently in a home with other dogs but did not like to be bothered by the puppy who my have gotten too close what Ace perceived as "his" food. He has tested well with cats.

He likes to chase balls but not sure if he is interested in bringing them back. His former owner said that he is a huge snuggler and just wants to be loved on. Ace would do best in a home with a fenced yard as he did not do well on a tie out in his last home. Ace does well on a leash when he goes for walks. He is kennel trained but not sure if he is completely housebroken as he had occasional accidents if left out for extended periods of time. He also knows some basic commands like sit, shake, heel, kennel, and stay.

If you think you would make a good companion for Ace, please contact PC Pound Puppies.

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The PC Pound Puppies standard adoption fee is $175 ($250 for puppies 6 months and under, or small dogs 15lbs or below) which covers a portion of the dog's vetting costs. The adoption process includes the completion of an application followed by an interview. If you're interested in adding this pup to your family, you can fill out an adoption application here. The adoption process does require a completed application as well as an interview. The rescue will not schedule a meet and greet without having first received a completed application. 

You can get in touch with PC Pound Puppies by email at pcpoundpuppies1@gmail.com or by phone at 812-483-4341. They do respond to inquiries and adoption applications at the earliest opportunity, but please remember to be patient as they are volunteers who all work full-time jobs. They always do their best to return messages and schedule adoption interviews within a couple of days of receiving your application. Again, you can submit an application here.

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Posey Humane Society

Meet Orange Kitten (Puddle)

Who doesn't love an adorable orange tabby kitten puddle?! You certainly don't have to adopt all of these mini-Garfields, but you might consider adopting one or two - kittens always do best when they have a friend! Here's what Posey Humane has to say this handsome guy,


Available for pre adopt only. These babies are in foster until they are big enough to be fixed and fully vaccinated.

Posey Humane Society has plenty of other kitties as well as lots of dogs, both young and old.  If you're interested in meeting this week's adoptable cat or any of the other wonderful and deserving animals in the care of Posey Humane Society, you can visit them on Facebook or by visiting their official website, PoseyHumane.org. They are also in need of foster homes where the animals can wait for their forever families without having to stay inside the shelter.

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