Well, if Game of Thrones’ intent was to sow confusion with claims of shooting multiple endings, it’s working. Star Maisie Williams is the latest to cast doubt on the already-obfuscating rumor, hinting not even HBO has the budget for that.

To recap: It was back in September that HBO boss Casey Bloys suggested Game of Thrones’ eighth and final season would film multiple closing scenes to eliminate any possibility of leaks spoiling the true ending. Not long after that, trickster star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau hinted the idea was ridiculous, and now star Maisie Williams appears to be on Team Jaime. Williams addressed the matter with Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday night, doubting even her own show had that kind of money to spend:

How do you know you know the ending of the show?

Well I heard this, and I immediately thought, ‘I don’t think we’ve got the budget to shoot lots of different endings.’

Well [Casey Bloys] is the president, so he would know if you have the money or not.

But as we know, sometimes presidents don’t always tell the truth.

Solid political burn, Arya. In any case, the cast have more or less succeeded in disseminating false information this year, as Williams joked about sending her mother the final scripts, where other actors have insisted they’re not even allowed written copies for shooting. It’s likely the concept of alternate endings is there as insurance more-so than practical reality, as Emilia Clarke has also hinted that not even cast know the truth.

Stay tuned for the latest on Game of Thrones’ final season in the meantime.

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