Buzzer beaters were on display like lay-ups during a wild high game in Nebraska last week.

Waverly and Blair played to a 50-50 tie in the waning seconds of their game when the teams combined to hit a trio of buzzer beaters, only one of which actually counted -- and ended up deciding the winner.

Here's how it went down: Blair appeared to seal the victory with a dramatic heave from the top of Waverly's three-point line. That shot was waved off, though, because the player who fired it up had been fouled before releasing the ball.

Waverly had fouls to give, so Blair inbounded again, only to have Waverly steal the ball and let loose off a half-court shot that went in. That shot was nullified, though, because Waverly's coach called timeout before the shot was taken.

With about a second-and-a-half remaining, Waverly's inbound pass went to a player on the left wing. He hurled up a three, which went in off the glass and -- mercifully -- counted.

It's almost enough to make us wish this emotional play-by-play guy was on the call.

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