A few weeks ago, we asked you what your favorite convenience was and why it's your go-to. Now we can add two more locations to the favorites lists, because of a program called Spirit Pump.

Huck's Food & Fuel has a home base in Carmi, IL, and the Spirit Pump program began with Hamilton and White County Schools in Illinois. In July, those schools were presented with a $2,000 check.

How Does the Spirit Pump Work?

When you purchase fuel from the designated pumps (At select Huck's locations) Huck's Food & Fuel donates .03 for every gallon sold. Now, .03 might not sound like a lot, but it certainly adds up.

Knight Pump

The Castle Knight pump is located at the Huck's near Walgreens in Newburgh, IN. It's pump number eleven, but you really can't miss it. Just this week Castle high school's Principal Mr. Hood was presented with a check for $1,369. I would say that three cents per gallon really does add up!

PHOTO HUCKS FOOD AND FUEL https://hucks.com/
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North Huskies Pump

The newest Spirit Fuel Pump is at the Huck's Food and Fuel location on Kansas Road in Evansville, IN. This one is a real eye-catcher, and every time I've been to this location, there is a line for the Huskies Pump.

HUCKS FOOD AND FUEL NORTH HS https://hucks.com/

This is such a cool way to raise extra money for our local schools. Hopefully, we will see more of the Spirit Pumps popping up soon!

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