I’m not sure what is going on in Southern Indiana this week, but to say that it has me nervous is an understatement. I only feel somewhat safe as I am currently tucked deep inside a make shift tornado shelter typing this thing out with one hand, while barring the door with the other. I simply refuse to open the door for fear that I may suffer some sick twist of fate not unlike those cast down upon some of our fellow citizens here in the armpit of America.

It seems that the communities drug problem has officially become a "problem" as local officials report this week an increased use of so called designer drugs like K2 and bath salts…this issue, according to Larry Paul with the Vanderburgh County Treatment Court, is currently responsible for a full slate in the local Drug Court as well as responsible for making up more than half of our local inmates. Officials are hopeful that our newly elected mayor will address the drug concerns within the community, but it seems that only a village can provide a solution. Unfortunately, the village appears to be somewhat of the problem.

Attention Villagers! In an attempt to curb the local drug problem, the DEA is partnering with local law enforcement on Saturday, April 28, 2012 for it’s annual Drug Take Back program. You can bring in and drop off unused prescription drugs at various locations here in the Tri-State. According to the Indiana State Police, 8,000 pounds of drugs were collected in the State of Indiana last year, with somewhere around 500 pounds here in Evansville alone. The question is, “What is the DEA doing with all of these unused prescription medications”? To find out you can do what I plan to do…get out of the house long enough to drop off a five year old prescription for amoxicillin and ask someone! To find the nearest drop-off location, Click Here.

On your way home from surrendering your unused scripts to the DEA, you might want to pick up something to eat. Just be careful if you do it at a Subway. It seems that eating fresh could be hazardous to your health. With two armed robberies having taken place at Evansville Subway restaurants this week, people are now less concerned with the nutritional value of what they are eating and more concerned about if their lives are at risk while they order a foot long tuna melt. So far there are no suspects, and no arrests have been made. Until this maniac is caught I suggest we adopt a new catch phrase…Eat Safe, Evansville!

In closing, you can call it Babylon. You can call it desperation. You can call it just what happens when the forces of absolute evil stand up and make idiots and thieves kings for the day. No matter what the label says, the state of the environment here in Southern Indiana should be considered splintered and unhinged. The time has come to unleash your dogs Evansville...your village needs secured.