I am so excited about the progress that I've been making as I finally learn to play guitar and I am doing it thanks to Fret Zealot, a revolutionary new way to learn.

Keep reading to find out how to enter to win a guitar of your own with Fret Zealot installed.

I've Found the Perfect Way to Learn to Play Guitar

I have been using Fret Zealot for a couple of months now to learn to play guitar. It's something that I have wanted to do for a very long time - more than two decades. Unfortunately, my career keeps me pretty busy. Factor in time with friends and family, and the time I give to my favorite charities, and there just isn't a lot of extra time for things like learning to play guitar. Plus, because my schedule can be pretty erratic at times, sometimes changing at the last minute, in-person guitar lessons are out of the question. Fortunately, I have found the perfect way to learn guitar that works with my schedule.

Because my schedule can be pretty erratic at times, sometimes changing at the last minute, in-person guitar lessons are out of the question.

Greatest Guitar Instructors in the World at My Fingertips

Fret Zealot is like Netflix for music education. With lessons and courses from some of the greatest guitar instructors in the world right at my fingertips with the Fret Zealot app, I am able to learn to play guitar at my own pace - no matter how fast or slow that might be. I do have experience reading and playing music (shoutout to my fellow high school band kids!), but playing guitar requires a great deal of dexterity and patience. Patience I have. Dexterity? I'm still working on it.

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Kat Mykals

Starting with the Basics

However, playing guitar is more than just rhythm and tempo. Since using Fret Zealot, I have learned how to properly position my guitar in relation to my body and how to properly hold a pick - yes there is a right and a wrong way! I have also learned how to place my hand on the neck to give me a good range of motion with my fingers for fretting the strings.

I have actually started a "music bucket list" of all the songs I want to learn to play

Learning Guitar with Light

Fret Zealot offers an optional LED light system, which is what I have installed on my acoustic guitar. It works in tandem with the Fret Zealot app to literally show me which strings to fret and where, making this an incredibly simple, and fool-proof way to learn to play guitar. I have learned several chords and I am starting to practice playing some of my favorite songs. Fret Zealot has a library of more than 80,000 songs and it includes music from pretty much any artist you could want to learn to play. I have actually started a "music bucket list" of all the songs I want to learn to play and thanks to the amazing use of led technology, I know that I will be able to learn these songs.

I Can Work at My Own Pace

I am still working to build dexterity and strengthen my callouses. This is probably my biggest hurdle. Since I spend a lot of time on computers at work, I have some stiffness in my hands that sometimes causes my movements on the fretboard to be a little clunky. Again, this is why Fret Zealot is so great - I can work through my personal hiccups at my own pace. Keep scrolling to enter for the chance to win a guitar equipped with the Fret Zealot LED system.

 Check Out My Unboxing Video to See My Setup.

Try Fret Zealot today and learn guitar with light. Check out fretzealot.com for more.

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