It has finally arrived.  If you love fishing or you've been looking for something to do this summer with family or the kids here you go.  This weekend in Kentucky is Free Fishing Weekend for all ages.

My husband, Joe, has always loved fishing.  He has been taking my son Braden a couple of times a week since school has been out.

What Free Fishing Weekend in Kentucky means is that you are not required to have a license or permit to fish.  This means Ky residents and even non-residents are allowed to fish at any waterfront public property.

This is the perfect time if you do have young kids to teach them about fishing.

If you are looking for a place to fish there are a number of bodies of water all around the Commonwealth.  The list includes over 900 different places you can fish and boat.

If you're taking the kids fishing prepare them before you go.  While at home there are some things you can do with them to get them ready.  Teach them about fish environment, educate them on the types of fish, have them get the fishing gear and tackle box ready, and teach them to cast and reel right in your front or back year.

There are usually lots of events scheduled for this weekend.  Due to COVID-19 most of these events have been canceled.

Free Fishing Weekend is Saturday, June 6, and Sunday, June 7.


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