Free Comic Book Day has been around since 2002, and is a big day for independent comic book specialty shops.  Only independent shops can be a part of Free Comic Book Day which is pretty cool.  Traditionally Free Comic Book Day happens on the first Saturday of May, but thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic it was decided to push the special day back to Saturday August 14, 2021.  Hopefully next year everything will be back to normal.

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So what is Free Comic Book Day?  Well it's exactly what it sounds like. Shops all over the U.S. will have comics to giveaway for free. Now these won't be just any comic off the shelves, they'll have special titles that are specifically for Free Comic Book Day.  It's a cool way to get people in the doors to support local comic shops, while also enjoying a free comic in return.  There are different stipulations that vary by shop to how many free comics you can get on that day. If you want to check out the titles that will available this year, you can check out for all the info.

Evansville shops participating in Free Comic Book Day:

  • Secret Headquarters- 4225 N. First Ave
  • Comic Quest- 2260 Morgan Ave
  • Book Broker- 2717 Covert Ave

Owensboro shops participating in Free Comic Book Day:

  • BME Exchange LLC- 1421 Triplett Street
  • Big Bang Toys, Comics, & Games- 4786 Frederica Street
  • 2nd And Charles #2140- 2520 Calumet Trace

To stay up to date with Free Comic Book Day happenings, be sure to check out


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