Some bands form and have an instant connection. For Limp Bizkit, two of the key players in the band actually met for the first time onstage, so luckily the connection worked that night. In an article for Metal Hammer, Fred Durst revealed the rather unique way he met guitarist Wes Borland.

The singer recalled, "The first time I saw Wes Borland, he had ponytails and girly half-shirt on. He was playing in a band called Cronk and was like Les Claypool on guitar, with a little Manson in there."

Though Borland was invited to join the group and was taught the songs by the other band members, Durst says his actual first meeting with the guitarist actually came onstage.

"I actually met Wes for the first time at our first gig," recalled Durst. "It was wild but it worked. I made up vocals on the spot! We never took time to consider friendships, that wasn’t part of it. It was just about the magic that happened when we were together ... none of us were ever friends."

Though Durst has been with the band throughout their run, Borland has exited a few times only to eventually return. The only Limp Bizkit album not to feature Borland was 2003's Results May Vary.

Elsewhere in the chat, Durst spoke about his propensity for improvisation, stating, "I never know what I’m saying, I just say it. So maybe my lyrics weren’t so thought out. And though I think I’m aware in the moment, I’m really not."

He added, "I always wanted my lyrics to be for people who felt maybe like I did, for victims. I should have made it more blatantly obvious because some of our audience and our fans were not those people. They were the nemesis, they were the opposite, they were the people that I despised and if I change anything it would probably be to make things a little more clear about where I was coming from, trying to segregate the bullies from the victims. The irony of my life is on a stupendous level."

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