Congrats to the Foo Fighters who have been etching out their own place in Billboard chart history recently, setting a new record for the second week in a row. Their latest achievement comes on Billboard's Rock and Alternative Airplay chart where the band just score their 13th Top 10 song, which brings them into a tie with Cage the Elephant for top honors.

The song that brought them to the top of the all-time Top 10s on the Rock and Alternative Airplay chart was "Making a Fire" off their latest album, Medicine at Midnight. The song jumped into the Top 10 at No. 8 for the chart dated July 24.

If 13 seems like a low number for a band churning out hits since the mid-'90s, it should be noted that Billboard's Alternative Airplay chart is a newer chart that just launched in 2009. Still, the 13 Top 10s shows Foo Fighters continued presence and dominance at rock and alternative radio over the last decade-plus.

Foo Fighters and Cage the Elephant currently share the top spot with 13 Top 10s, but Shinedown and Twenty One Pilots are right on their heels with 12 and with all four bands active that could lead to quite a bit of shuffling at the top spot in years to come.

As stated, Foo Fighters also recently tied another Billboard chart record. This one was for the most Top 10s in the 40-year history of the Mainstream Rock Airplay chart. Once again, "Making a Fire" was the song that lifted the group, giving Foo Fighters their 28th Top 10, a mark that ties them with Tom Petty (who was counted for both his solo and work with the Heartbreakers).

Foo Fighters released their Medicine at Midnight album back in February of this year, with the album already yielding the singles "Shame Shame" and "Waiting on a War." Both tracks also hit the Top 10 on the Rock and Alternative Airplay chart.

The group will have a chance to support their new album on the road. See their upcoming dates here.

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