Greyhawk bassist Darin Wall, who was shot in the leg when confronting an attacker outside of a music venue earlier this month, recently received what's perhaps the most exciting furniture loan of all time — Foo Fighters bandleader Dave Grohl sent him his stylized throne to use onstage. It's the very same one Grohl employed himself after breaking his leg in 2015.

Wall put it to good use on Sunday (Sept. 26), utilizing the large Foo Fighters-branded chair at his Seattle-based metal band's first gig back since the shooting.

Seattle's King 5 News reported from the concert, a sold-out hometown show at the club El Corazon. Around three weeks ago, as reported by KOMO Radio, Wall was shot in the left leg while protecting a venue full of bands and fans from a belligerent suspect on Sept. 5.

It happened at The Shredder in Boise, Idaho, after the 41-year-old Greyhawk bassist said he first noticed the suspect, later identified as Ethan Byrd, 26, making threatening gestures at others. As Wall and another attempted to keep him outside and away from concertgoers, Byrd reportedly returned to his car and retrieved a gun. After seeing the suspect reach for the weapon, the musician said he engaged in a confrontation with the assailant that resulted in his being shot through Byrd's pants and into his upper thigh.

"His body language was indicating he was intending to use it," Wall told KOMO. "He wasn't saying leave me alone, it was definitely an aggressive body language that he intended to hurt somebody."

Byrd was arrested within minutes of the shooting. As for his injury, Wall "did get lucky with the location of the shot," he said in another news report. "It's in a place that's not damaging anything that's gonna be permanent. … [And] the show up until everything went down was just an incredibly good time full of joy, full of love. It was a big party, and it was awesome. Hug your family members, hug your friends. Tomorrow is never guaranteed, so be good to each other."

The Greyhawk member isn't the first injured rocker that's gotten the Dave Grohl throne treatment. The Foo Fighter previously lent it to Guns N' Roses singer Axl Rose.

"There are three people who have used it," Wall explained to King 5. "There's Dave Grohl, Axl Rose in Guns N' Roses and me."

That's not entirely incorrect since Grohl also sent the throne to country act Old Dominion when their Matthew Ramsey was recovering from a leg injury. Perhaps Wall meant he's the third rock musician to use it.

Regardless, the Nirvana icon's seat is a boon after his injury. "[Grohl] called me from the MTV VMA Awards and said I'll ship that throne up to you," the bassist added.

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