We know of at least three unfamiliar faces coming to The Flash this fall, but plenty of old friends will be hanging around as well. A new report suggests we’ll be seeing much more of Jessica Camacho’s “Gypsy,” balancing out a few other exits from the team.

A new feature from TVGuide Magazine goes in-depth with changes to the team in the wake of Barry Allen’s imprisonment in the speed force, including Wally and Iris stepping up, and Caitlin returning from her Killer Frost exile with “new secrets.” One thing that should make Cisco fans happy, at least, is that executive producer Andrew Kreisberg says a deal has been reached with Jessica Camacho to recur a bit more often as Earth-19 bounty hunter Gypsy.

That said, appearing less frequently (at first) will be Violett Beane’s Jesse Quick, as Kreisberg noted that so many speedsters were present in the Season 3 finale, they’d decided to “put a hold on” the character’s return. “But she has been such a great addition to the show, we’ll see what happens in Season 4.”

Elsewhere of The Flash Season 4, we know that Britne Oldford’s Peek-a-Boo will be back for the October premiere, “The Flash Reborn,” presumably as a challenge for Wally. Still unknown is the casting of Season 4 big bad Clifford “The Thinker,” DeVoe, while the CW super-series was also said to be introducing DC’s Elongated Man as a new member of the team.

We’ll hear significantly more from Comic-Con 2017 this week, but what other familiar faces might have more regular presence in Season 4?

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