Earlier today FBI and Department of Homeland Security agents descended on the Burkhardt road IHOP, due to an ongoing investigation. News 25 also reports that several IHOP locations in Ohio were also raided. However due to search warrants being sealed, no one is completely sure why they were raided.

News 25 says that sources believe the raids were conducted due to alleged money laundering to terrorist groups in the Middle East. Are you kidding me? You take one 'cheat day' during your work out regiment for pancakes, and all of a sudden you're part of the Axis of Evil. I, at least, thought I would be dictator of a small South American country before that happened.

Federal agents came to the restaurant with a U-haul truck and loaded up several boxes with documents and computer hard drives. They would not speak with local media. I wish part of my job was to show up somewhere, close it down, and not have to give a reason why I'm there. Cause I would be raiding Hooters Restaurants from coast to coast.

IHOP restaurants are ran by franchisee's. Meaning that the corporate office has nothing to do with the local restaurant, other than providing their name and menu. Authorities say the local restaurant is owned by the same person who owns the Ohio stores that were also raided.

I don't know what this means in the long term for the local IHOP. But until the dust settles, I'm going to sip on my Bacon Sundae at Denny's. I'll probably work on that 'becoming a dictator' thing too.

Check out the video below from News 25, and click here to read the entire story on their website.

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