We're gearing up for the GBF Damn Loud Rock Show with Godsmack and special guest Volbeat coming to Ford Center April 18th. Their latest album, When Legends Rise, is available now. To celebrate the show coming to Evansville, we thought we'd put together a list of five of our favorite throwback Godsmack songs.


From their first album, "Whatever" is one of the songs that hooked us on Godsmack.



From the 2006 vault, you'll remember "Speak" from the album IV.



2014 brought us the album of the same name.


Cryin' Like a Bitch

From the Oracle, this has always been one of our favorites



Another from the band's self-titled debut album, Godsmack, this is one of the songs that started it. all


And here's the video for the title track off their new album, When Legends Rise


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