A lot of people post memes about replacing Valentine's Day with 2nd Halloween, and that's something I'm absolutely not opposed to. However since that probably won't happen anytime soon, here's a way to add a little spooky into your Valentine's Day while still keeping the love alive.

1) Warm Bodies

This is too easy, it's a zombie movie, but at the center of it is a love story. R isn't like other zombies (insert sassy emoji here).

2) Bram Stoker's Dracula

Dracula may be a vampire, but he's also a hopeless romantic who longs for the love of his life.

3) The Bride of Chucky

Personally I love the Child's Play movies because they're just enough camp to make it funny, and just enough scary to keep you on the edge of your seat. Of course The Bride of Chucky is no exception.  Two murderous dolls in love. I mean come on, what more could you want on Valentine's Day?

4) Crimson Peak

After marrying the love of her life, Edith is whisked away to a beautiful mansion. However secrets, and ghosts may be lurking around the corners.

5) Shaun of the Dead

While it's not exactly horror, it's not exactly not either. It's been referred to as a "zom com."  If you like zombies, humor, a little death, and a man who wants to rekindle love, Shaun of the Dead may just be the perfect Valentine's Day horror movie.

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