Interested to know what the upcoming Five Finger Death Punch album sounds like? Well, lead vocalist Ivan Moody has a hilariously destructive approximation for you! That's right, in an attempt to illustrate the imminent effort's power, he went and crashed through a wall like the Kool-Aid Man. Oh yeah!

The band entered the studio earlier this year to start work on the new album, and Five Finger Death Punch members have teased various updates since then. But perhaps none are as thrilling as the singer's spot-on Kool-Aid Man impression. Watch the video down toward the bottom of this post.

"Ahh!" Moody brutally yells as he manhandles his way through a panel of drywall. "That's what the new CD sounds like! Yeah!" The musician shared the video clip on Instagram earlier this week (Sept. 23).

The included hashtags #demolition and #ivebeenmeaningtoputadoorthere indicate the Five Finger Death Punch frontman was likely doing some home renovations. Another is #soberasfuck, the tag pointing to Moody's now year-plus of sobriety. He previously celebrated the achievement with a giant face tattoo. Of course, the singer also tagged his band's main account, as well as Monster Energy and Moody's Medicinals.

Five Finger Death Punch's forthcoming album is the follow-up to 2018's And Justice for None. It will also be their first with new drummer Charlie Engen, who the group actually discovered on Instagram. Meanwhile, when former drummer Jeremy Spencer isn't moonlighting as a reserve police offer, he's starring in softcore pornography.

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