Just yesterday, Brie Larson shared a photo of her prepping for the title role in Captain Marvel. With the caption “Learning how to fly,” the pic showed Larson in full Air Force parachute gear, giving fans a little sneak peek at the civilian side of Carol Danvers. Although filming on her solo movie isn’t set to begin until early February, we didn’t have to wait long — like, at all — for our first look at Larson in full costume as Marvel’s first lady.

Page Six has the first photos of Larson in her Captain Marvel costume, and it’s a little different than what some fans may have been expecting — but still totally rad:

The costume combines elements of the newer Carol Danvers costume (which is red, yellow and blue) with the old Captain Marvel attire (which is green and silver). It’s actually pretty cool in that it honors the current female iteration while paying homage to her origins.

Earlier this week, set photos landed online showing Samuel L. Jackson and Cobie Smulders filming a scene as Nick Fury and Maria Hill, which we assumed had to be for a post-credits scene attached to Infinity War. Larson isn’t set to make her debut in the MCU until her solo film in 2019, which is set in the ’90s and co-stars Jackson, Ben Mendelsohn (as the villain) and Jude Law (as the OG Captain Marvel, aka Mar-Vell). The actress will reprise the role in Avengers 4 (which is currently filming), which arrives a few months after her solo film in 2019.

Captain Marvel arrives on March 6, 2019.

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