As the temperatures begin to dip and the leaves begin to fall, November is in full swing. With it comes the opportunity to experience some stunning celestial beauty across Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky, as well as other parts of the Northern Hemisphere.

The first two weeks of November are going to be a wonderful time to grab a blanket, a thermos of hot tea, coffee or cocoa and head out away from the light pollution of the city and suburbs. Now is a great time to jump in the car and take a drive out to some farmland (make sure you aren't trespassing!) or to one of the many public use lands owned by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

According to the meteorologists at Accuweather, you'll be able to look up and experience both the Northern Taurid and Southern Taurid meteor showers with the possibility to see "dazzling fireballs across the nighttime sky."

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The Southern Taurids are the first of the two showers to peak, reaching maximum activity Thursday, Nov. 4, into the early hours of Friday, Nov. 5, according to the AMS. This is followed up by the Northern Taurids one week later on the night of Thursday, Nov. 11, into Friday, Nov. 12.

They say that while the dates above are the "peak" time to see the meteor display, that the first few weeks of November will be an excellent time to look up the sky and watch for these beautiful displays of celestial activity. While slower than some meteor showers, with only about five per hour expected, they are said to appear as breathtaking "fireballs" streaking across the sky.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go take a midnight drive...

[Source: Accuweather]

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