One of the most infamous fast food restaurants that people love to eat at is coming one step closer to the Tri-State!

Soon, folks in the Tri-State area won't have to travel to Alabama, Texas, and Arkansas to enjoy the San Antonio-based food chain, Whataburger. In fact, the trip will be much shorter, as   Whataburger announced that it is expanding its market into Missouri, Kansas and Tennessee. I cannot contain my excitement!

For years, I have always heard people say "You gotta try Whataburger", "Whataburger is so good", "we need a Whataburger closer to the area." Heck, the first time that I even heard of Whataburger was a result of something that Stone Cold Steve Austin said:

That's how I knew Whataburger must be great, because Stone Cold said so! If what he, along with what everyone has told me about the fast food chain is true, I am sure that I will fall in love. Knowing that Whataburger will be closer than ever, I believe that I will finally get to try it for the first time soon.

According to their press release, Whataburger is building 35 restaurants (25 company and 10 franchise) in 2021. As previously mentioned, they will be expanding into Kansas, Missouri, and Tennessee for the very first time. This is the first time in 20 years that they have partnered with new franchisees.

No locations were announced in the press release, however I feel like it would be a missed opportunity if they didn't add locations in Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, and Nashville. Not to mention the St. Louis area. All of which are popular destinations for many here in the Tri-State. Who knows, this expansion might not be the last. There's hope that Whataburger will make it's way to Kentucky, Illinois, and Indiana. You certainly couldn't rule it out.

For those unfamiliar with Whataburger, you can see what the restaurant has to offer here.

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