Whether it was your dumb little cousin or some friend from high school you're still inexplicably following on Instagram who hops on every fucking trend, your first reaction to seeing a fidget spinner was probably, "How do I knock this out of their hand legally?" But your instinctual aggression towards the toy probably got even worse when it seemingly became an instant meme. As a result, people have decided to take these things and apply them in strange ways, like putting them into hydraulic presses, spinning them on their heads or, naturally, fucking them.

All this good fun aside, the worst thing to come from the trend is an influx of people deciding to play musical instruments with a fidget spinner in place of a pick. This is the most unfortunate collision in recent memory, potentially responsible for a future uptick in some gross new kind of slap bass. In short, it's the worst idea ever, and every new video makes us totally sick. See for yourself below.

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