We can add this to the list of strange things we never thought we'd see for sale. Five Finger Death Punch bassist, Chris Kael took to Instagram to share a photo of a lonely piece of beard hair lying in the floor. Turns out, Chris has put that piece of beard hair up for action on eBay.

In the Instagram post (see below) Chris details how he lost the piece of his beard when he stood up to quickly without realizing that part of his beard was actually under his leg. He points out that luckily, he has a "whole chin full" so there's no need for us to mourn the rogue dread left behind. The eBay listing itself is a little more tongue in cheek suggesting that you can now have "just the tip."

Chris Kael Five Finger Death Punch Dreadlock. On Wednesday, January 13th, the tip of one of Chris Kael’s dreadlocks decided it had had it with 2021. So, it strategically placed itself beneath Kael’s leg and removed itself from the rest of Kael’s beardlocks as he stood up quickly and threw itself onto Kael’s floor. Now, you can get just the tip from Kael right here on EBay!


Now I'm not entirely certain why anyone would want to own the hair of another human being. I mean, no offense to Chris, he's a great dude, but holding onto someone else's hair as some kind of souvenir just seems more than a little gross. Regardless of my feelings about owning someone else's DNA, the auction is currently (at the time of writing) sitting at $122.50 with 29 bids. There's no word on what Chris plans to do with the proceeds of the auction.

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