Their names are Sky Smith and E...I don't which one is which, but I think we can all figure out which one is dad and which one is son. Apparently they are fans of Eddie Money...more specifically his song "Take Me Home Tonight". They decided to sexy it up a bit in this well produced music video.

Warning: Ladies, you may need to change your panties after seeing this. Guys, you may need to take a dump (Eddie Money usually has that affect on me and my bowels.)

I don't think I'll ever cease to be amazed by people that intentionally record themselves doing something they think is cool...and then posting for all the world to see. I guess their self-confidence, or naivety, should be something to admire. Either way, this video is ridiculous and I hope you enjoy.

Oh yeah, the original Eddie Money song and video is also below...for you to compare and contrast.

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