Ever since the game Wordle blew up earlier this year, there have been many variations of guessing games that followed in its tracks, including Heardlewhich plays brief snippets of song intros for users so they can guess what they're listening to. Fortunately for Maggots, a fellow Slipknot fan apparently designed a custom Heardle that features only songs from Iowa's greatest.

Though titled Slipknot Heardlethe game wasn't actually created by Slipknot or by Heardle, which was acquired by the Swedish streaming platform Spotify in early July. The "About" tab notes that it's "prepared with Soundcloud" and "powered by Glitch." Anyway, the songs are chosen at random from Slipknot's discography, and you're given six chances to guess the correct song.

The first two snippets are only a second long, but as you skip more and more, the seconds increase, making it easier to guess the song. There's a search bar beneath the timeline that allows you to type the name of the track, and then you can submit it. Players can keep track of their progress as they play multiple times with a stats button in the top right corner of the screen.

Do you really get anything out of winning aside from satisfaction and validation that you're a true Maggot? No, but it's still worth it. Test out your skills by playing Slipknot Heardle here — though we should note, the application seems to be experiencing technical difficulties today, because the correct answer doesn't come up as an option to choose (we know that it's right, don't question us). Perhaps it'll be fixed soon and we can keep playing every day as normal, but for now you can at least visit the site and see how it functions.

Soon, a new set of songs will be playable options in Slipknot Heardle, as their upcoming seventh album The End, So Far will be out Sept. 30 — only a few more days to go. Until then, you can catch them on their Knotfest Roadshow tour with Crown the Empire and Ice Nine Kills. Get tickets here.

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