Are you brave enough to ride this thing?


Today on Facebook the West Side Nut Club announced the addition of a brand new ride this year, it's called The Extreme.  It's very similar to fan favorite ride the Freak Out, but according to the Nut Club has a "special twist."

Today they made a post on Facebook with photos of the new ride and said:

New ride coming this year. The Extreme. We have not seen any videos but we are told it's like the Freak Out but with a special twist. Look for it soon at the northwest corner of the library grounds by the Gerst Haus. Get your ride vouchers now from Donut Bank, Old National Bank, and Schnucks locations and save $3 off the regular price. For a complete list of rides visit

I found a YouTube video of the Extreme in action.  I have to say there are slight differences between it and the Freak Out, but until I see it in person, I'm not quite sure I've figured out what the "special twist" is, I guess we will just have to wait until next week (I'm so freaking excited)!

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