Without a doubt, one of the most stressful aspects of the annual West Side Nut Club Fall Festival is parking. Let me revise that statement. Parking really isn't too stressful if you don't mind paying a few bucks to use someone's lot. I almost always choose this option for a few reasons...

  1. The lot is usually pretty close to Franklin Street
  2. I know my car is in an area that is being somewhat monitored
  3. And most importantly, the money I spend on parking goes towards another area non-profit organization.

The stress comes when you try to find a free parking spot. Those who don't want to pay can be seen slowly (hopefully) driving down side streets, looking for a spot big enough for them, or hoping to catch someone else leaving a spot. I've tried this before and I'm just not patient enough. I'd much rather just pay and get it over with.

A third parking option for this year's Fall Festival is to eliminate the need for parking altogether and catch a ride on a METS (Metropolitan Evansville Transit System) bus.

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Evansville city officials announced that a lunchtime shuttle service will be available to and from the Fall Festival each weekday (Monday, October 4th through Friday, October 8th) from 11am-2pm. The cost of the shuttle will be the standard bus fare.

The shuttle will pick up and drop off at the following locations, every half hour between 11am-2pm on those days.

  • Westside C.K. Newsome Community Center on the “back 40” parking lot
  • Civic Center, at the exit of the parking lot at Ninth St.
  • near the flagpoles on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

Once you arrive at the Fall Festival, the shuttle will pick up and drop off at the Temporary Bus Stop at the corner of W. Franklin St. and Wabash Avene every 15 minutes, starting at 11:15am. The last departure is at 1:45pm.

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