We all come across a few things on the Munchie Map each year that make us go "What is that??"

Each year, we look at the Fall Festival Munchie Map to plan what we're going to eat. And every year we come across a food item that makes us question what that food item actually is.

It might be the first time this item has been on the map.

It might be the 5th year it's been on the map, but it's the first year you've noticed it.

Either way: WHAT IS IT?

So I perused this years Munchie Map and I need your help. WHAT ARE THESE THINGS?

Big Red Bomber (Booth 24, Bethany Christian Church)
-Does it involve the drink Big Red?

Cajun Crab Cheesecake Bites (Booth 133, Sycamore Services)
-It's listed in the Dessert section...but also...crab?

Smokin' Butt Cake (Booth 42, Armstrong Rec. Center)
-Better not be my butt.

French Toast Donuts (Booth 10, Daniel Wertz)
-You had me at "FRENCH TOAST DONUT"

Grippo Brownie Volcano (Booth 134, Crescent City Civitan)

Nutty Monkey Panini (Booth 117, Faith Church of the Nazarene)

Devil's Tongue (Booth 55, Salem UMC)
-...I feel like I might regret this...

Horseshoe Sandwich (Booth 8, Eagle's View Church)
-Also comes in "Dirty"
-I really hope "dirty" doesn't mean they accidentally dropped it on the ground. Probably not.

Aloha Balls (Booth 9, Perry Heights PTSA)

West Side Volcano Balls (Booth 9, Perry Heights PTSA)

Zombie King Sandwich (Booth 53, Simpsons UMC)
-Also comes in "slider"

Elk Tate Bombs (Booth 129, Eville Jr. Football)

Tornado Potato (Booth 6, Holy Redeemer; Booth 10 Daniel Wertz)


Do you know what these are? Or am I going to have to taste test all of them?

What are some Fall Festival Foods that YOU need some answers on??

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