Oh, Fall. It is the very best time of the year. everything about Fall is perfect. This is me during the Fall.


Once I wallow around in the fallen leaves, I can be seen doing this for hours.


I live for the fall colors, falling leaves, sweatshirts, sweaters, blankets, cider, pumpkins, pumpkin spice everything, and the bonfires.

But, sometimes my fires aren't as spectacular as they should be. It's like they just don't get a really good start. I usually blame it on the damp wood and leaves I am using. But, it's really just the fact that I'm not using something to start the fire like this fire hack from my friend Shelly.

No matter what time of year, she loves to camp and be outdoors. On a recent camping trip with her hubby, she posted this super simple and genius fire hack on her Facebook page. Here is what she put in the status.

We’ve struggled to get campfires started before. It's so frustrating. So I found an easy trick to help start your fire. See the toilet paper roll circled in the fire pit? Take an empty toilet paper roll to fill it with dryer lint. Then take a candle that has been melted from burning (I burn a lot of candles) pour the melted wax in both ends and let it firm. Perfect fire starters! They work and burn quite a while. All reusable products! - Shelly

Shelly Phillips Cullum/Facebook
Shelly Phillips Cullum/Facebook

Thank you, Shelly! Now, my fires will be on fire this Fall. That sounds weird, but you know what I mean.


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