Alright, get ready to rejoice. I know you thought it wouldn’t happen, it seemed like we would never see it end. But, Facebook just announced it will soon let you "turn off seeing" political ads just in time for the 2020 presidential campaigns. Do I hear angels singing?

Facebook, I’m going to give that a BIG like. Political ads, which are mostly distorted versions of the truth by both parties, get on my last nerve. And, with 2020 being a huge election year, it was only gonna get even more ugly than it’s already been.

According to ABC News, you can change your settings on Facebook and on Instagram too. After you change your settings, if an ad pops up in your feed, you can report it to Facebook. It’s going to be a feature available in the US first, just in time for the 2020 election ads, then be available to other countries by Fall.

Here is even more good news, you will now be able to see the Paid for by disclaimer on posts that have been reposted on other pages. Facebook also announced it will add a feature so that you can track political ad spending for candidates. BOOM.

Get more details here.

[SOURCE: abcnews]

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