In case you've been trapped in a bubble (like a bad Jake Gyllenhaal movie), Facebook added options to the like button. The people panicked, nations fell, and we all recovered by 7 AM on Thursday.
But let me take you back to a day, long before a "like" button. When Facebook communication consisted of "wall posts" and "pokes". When you had to figure out what was the best way to reach out to that cute chick in sociology, Facebook or MySpace. That dark time was 2005.

Long before the first iPhone and selfie. You navigated a world of glitter graphics and seizure inducing profile pages. You heard the rumblings from friends at nearby campuses. Facebook was getting closer. Then out of nowhere, an email arrived. "The Facebook has arrived at your college". (Yes, it really was I typed that until someone called me on it in 2009).

Facebook was college only. No more rants from relatives you avoid at Christmas. No Farmville. Only some random dude in the corner that was silently judging you as you checked out the profile pages of  classmates.

This is what a profile page looked like in those days. You listed your AOL Instant Messenger account, because messaging did not exist. Facebook on your phone wouldn't happen until status updates were introduced. Even then, it only consisted texting in a status update.

I have been through FarmVille. I lived through timelines and friend invites from people who only wanted me to play Candy Crush. I enjoyed the first time I saw a post from EvansvilleWatch.

All I'm saying is that I have been through a lot of change on Facebook. You will survive.