Have you ever noticed when you search for something on your phone you start seeing ads pop up on Facebook?  There's a reason for that and we are gonna help you get to the bottom of it.

Did you know that Facebook tracks your internet activity?  Yes and they have been doing it since February 2020.  Angel here and I was always amazed and a bit creeped out that I might Google something and the next time I signed on to Facebook I would see ads from the exact same thing I had just searched.

There is a place in the settings of Facebook that allows companies that you do business with or frequent to share information back to Facebook so they can better personalize your experience while you are on the App.

I don't know about anyone else but this seems ludicrous to me.  Facebook can literally gain access to a whole lot about you.  From where you go, the different groups on the app you join, and all your interactions.

Freaked out yet?  Here's a bit more info if you're thinking about deleting the app.  Facebook also owns Instagram and Whatsapp.  Two social media sites that are just as big as Facebook.  So, they can track you there as well.

Lucky for all of us that still want to stay connected to the world of Facebook they have created a way that you can turn off the tracking of your activity.

After hackers accessed our bank account by going through Facebook pay and then through Paypal I am determined to help anyone I can to make sure they are safer.

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