A billboard advertising the March 12 release of Eyehategod's long-awaited new albumA History of Nomadic Behavior, has been erected in their home city, right outside of the Superdome stadium, home to the NFL's New Orleans Saints.

The advertisement is, at the least, a cheeky coincidence and, at best, a deviously clever juxtaposition of putting a band with the name Eyehategod (it doesn't exactly sound churchly) right outside of a place where a football team named the Saints plays.

Positioned right outside of the historic Superdome is a prominent stretch of highway that leads into and out of a major section of New Orleans, one ripe for tourism (at least in pre-pandemic times) and bursting with multi-cultural charm.

Vocalist Mike IX Williams shared a photo of the billboard ad on Instagram and noted that another billboard had been erected somewhere in Brooklyn. He asked if anyone spots it, to take a photo and send it to him, presumably so he can share that with Eyehategod fans as well.

A History of Nomadic Behavior, the first Eyehategod album since 2014's self-titled release, is just the sixth full length from the sludge metal pioneers since their formation back in 1988. The 12-track album was preceded by four singles — "High Risk Trigger," "Fake What's Yours" "Built Beneath the Lies" and "Circle of Nerves" — and can be pre-ordered (as Amazon affiliates, we earn on qualifying purchases) here.

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