The kids go back to school this week but that doesn't mean that summer has to come to an end just yet.  You still have time to make some cool memories on the Blue River in Indiana.


Cave Country has been rollin' on a river the Blue River since 1983.  They have over 700 kayaks to serve the 30,000 plus guests that float each year.


Angel here and this place is perfect for our family because they have a lot of different options.  They have rides for everyone from someone just looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of life like our family or your crazy Uncle wanting to ride the rapids.  They have a half-day trip which is around 7-miles long, full-day is 14 miles long and they don't suggest bringing younger kiddos on this trip, and even a two-day trip where you can camp out.  All trips give you the opportunity to fish, relax, picnic, swim, or just take in nature.


The coolest part about taking a ride with Cave Country is even the littlest rider can come along.  They will allow a child as young as 3 years old or at least 30 pounds or more to enjoy an adventure on the river.


They do a full moon float twice a summer.  One of the floats took place on July 24th and they have another one coming to close out the summer on Saturday, August 21.

According to the Cave Canoes Website here's what to expect:

Each full moon float will begin just before dusk. Participants will get to experience the sunset on the river and enjoy all the sounds and sensations of the river at night. This adventurous trip is 7 miles and ends at our base at Cave Country Canoes.

Paddlers will have the rapids and rocks behind them before the sun rests and be navigating the calm open river in the darkest times. A steady but comfortable paddling pace will be needed. Cave Country staff will be bringing up the rear of the trip to ensure everyone is off of the river.


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