Guitarist Paul Phillips, best known for his time with Puddle of Mudd, has filed suit against Florida's Baptist Medical Center of the Beaches, alleging that while being treated in 2019 he suffered a brain injury that has left him with concerns about his ability to continue making a living.

According to the documents obtained by TMZ, Phillips stated that he was admitted to the hospital in November 2019 complaining about an altered mental status and a possible seizure.

The guitarist says that initial tests revealed that he was suffering from low sodium levels and that while in the process of trying to bring those levels back to where they should be, the levels rose too quickly. He was rushed back to the hospital three days later with a seizure and Phillips says an MRI conducted showed he had suffered some brain damage, which he feels was caused by the treatment during his prior visit to the hospital.

Phillips states that he's still having seizures and other neurological issues that have required treatment at the Mayo Clinic. He sued both the hospital and two of the doctors in the documents filed.

The guitarist played on Puddle of Mudd's debut Come Clean and the follow-up Life on Display, then exiting to play with Operator on their lone release Soulcrusher in 2007. Phillips then returned to Puddle of Mudd for 2009's Volume 4: Songs in the Key of Love & Hate and the 2011 covers album Re(disc)overed. He's also spent stints playing with Rev Theory and Society Red.

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