For the students involved in marching band, the importance and the magnitude of their season cannot be understated. I'm the parent of a marching band student and I've written before (at length) about it. I've seen, first hand, the difference it has made in my daughter's life, and I can tell you that the hours and hours, the months and months these young people spend together, and the memories they create in the process, makes a HUGE impact on their high school career. So you can imagine how devastated so many kids were to hear that their marching band season had, essentially, been cancelled.

The Indiana State School Music Association (ISSMA) announced that there would be no state-wide competition in 2020. Going to state and getting to compete at Lucas Oil Stadium is the ultimate end goal for any marching band in Indiana, and that will not happen for anyone this year.

So, what's left for our school's marching bands? Will they still need to learn a new show and new music? Will you still be able to hear the horns blaring and drums echoing through high school football games on Friday nights? I don't know. I'm not sure if anyone really knows at this point. I do know that those talented, hard-working kids WILL have at least a couple of chances to strut their stuff on the field, thanks to an exciting announcement from the EVSC.

There will be two marching band showcases this year, tentatively scheduled for a couple Saturdays in September. Sure, a date or a location might have to tweaked between now and then, but it's gonna happen, and it's gonna be so extremely important to these kids.

EVSC Director of Fine Arts, Dwight Emmert, joined us for an exclusive interview on the MY Morning Show. He gave us some more details about the showcases and how the bands and their instructors have been dealing with the coronavirus. Please take a listen to our conversation, and please consider coming out to these showcases, especially if you've never been to a marching band show before. I think, actually I know you'll be impressed.

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