As of September 1st, you will no longer have to pay overdue fees!

Beginning September 1, 2018, the Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library will no longer charge or collect fines on overdue materials. Removing fines opens access to materials and resources.

I LOVE the library. I practically lived there all through high school and college. But other than a great place to get resource material for your latest essay in school, it's also great for other things.

Want to watch a movie that everyone has been talking about, but don't want to shell out the cash? Check the library!

Want to read that book your friend has been going ON AND ON about for months, but don't want to buy it (in case you end up not being as enthusiastic about it as your friend)? LIBRARY.

Internet access? LIBRARY

Magazines? LIBRARY


See? The library is awesome.

What's not so awesome? Fees. As we all know, accumulating a certain amount of fees can prevent you from checking out any materials until that charge is paid.


As of Sept 1st, NO MORE LATE FEES.

Yes, there will still be due dates on your books, and if you don't return them within 30 days of their due date, you're gonna have some problems...But other than that NO MORE FEES!!

If you have any questions concerning this huge revelation check EVPL's website!

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