Have you ever just had a really crappy day?


Stressful time crunches; we've all been there. Sometimes things happen that are out of our control that make us late for things. Maybe a train delays your commute to work. Maybe your child spills something on their clothes minutes before you have to leave for an event. Or maybe you go to take a poop before your concert and accidentally get locked in the bathroom and almost miss the set. We've all been there, right?


Well, that's what happened to Every Time I Die's bassist Steve Micciche last night, and the resulting video is hilarious.


Security: We could use a sledge hammer but-
Guy on Walkie: Yeah, but that didn't work last time, so-
Steve: *inside bathroom, sarcastically* OH, LAST TIME...
Guys: Haha
Steve: THE LAST TIME!!!!


Sometime's we we just get stuck in sh***y situations, am I right?

(That was one too many poop jokes, wasn't it? Sh*t.)

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