David Fincher has not made a bad movie. Even his first film, Alien 3, made under extremely difficult circumstances and later disowned, is at worst flawed but deeply fascinating. To date, Fincher’s record is 11-0, with his eleventh film, Mank, opening in select theaters this month. (A Netflix premiere follows in December.)

Granted, they’re not the most chipper of films (even if many are funnier than their reputations). They rarely end happily (and when they do, there’s always a catch). They’re bloody, and gruesome, and most paint a bleak portrait of society and the people in it. If nothing else, 2020 feels like the year reality caught up to David Fincher’s vision of it.

That makes him the perfect guy to binge-watch — especially this week of all weeks. In celebration of Mank, I rewatched his movies and ranked them below. Again, even last place on this list is still a solidly good and watchable film. Let’s hope it doesn’t take Fincher another six years to make another one after Mank.

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