November 21, 2015 @ 10:00 am

Additional Information

Bar Golf. An event created to entertain those who love golf, drinking or just good, old fashioned competition. Nine Evansville bars host two putt-putt golf holes, for a total of 18 holes. And don't let us fool you---some bars HIRE CONSTRUCTION companies to build their holes! Top three teams with the lowest score take home prizes. Golfers are encouraged to embrace the game that is golf and where your finest golf duds. Plaid, playful, shorts, pants, kilts....all are welcome and creativity is applauded. Teams are made up of 5 players (4 drinkers and 1 DD). Cost is $25/team.

Participating Bars

  1. Show Me’s West – Start
  2. Hoosiers Lounge
  3. Lamasco Bar and Grill
  4. Leroy’s Tavern
  5. Franklin Street Tavern
  6. Chilly Willy’s Pub
  7. Bar Louie
  8. KC’s Time Out Lounge
  9. Sportsman’s Billiards
  10. Ri Ra Irish Pub
  11. Show Me’s East - Finish