Hold onto your linoleum, you're about to see custom leather flooring!

Julie Bosma -ERA

Do you ever check real estate websites for fun? I am not sure why it's so fun for me, but it is!  And curiosity got the best of me, and I thought "what is the most expensive house in Evansville?"  Turns out it's pretty incredible!

Now this house will only set you back a nice $1.5 million, but it's 4 beds, 4 bath, 2 half baths, and 9,155 sq.  And hold onto your linoleum, because this house features a custom LEATHER floor in the home office! LEATHER. FLOOR.  I didn't know leather floor was a thing, and I AM HERE FOR IT.

Julie Bosma-ERA

They also have a wine room cellar that can hold up to 835 bottles of wine.  Which would be very handy during the apocalypse, or a rough week at work.

Julie Bosma-ERA


Not to mention this house has a stunning outside bar area, with a huge pool, and a movie room! Check out the rest of the listing and photos by clicking here.

And if you buy this house, hi I'm Melissa and I'd like to be invited to just one of your cookouts.  I'll even bring a bottle of wine over as a housewarming gift! You're gonna need to get to stocking that wine cellar!