It really does take a village to run a no-kill animal shelter. Just ask anyone who volunteers at either It Takes a Village location. So many animals need special care from the vet and during the pandemic operations have not stopped. In an attempt to play catch-up, ITV will not be able to accept any new animals at their Evansville location until further notice. The shelter is still open, and this does not affect the Spencer County location.

If you would like to volunteer, ITV would be happy to have you. Here's what they are looking for:

  • You have the ability to provide us with an ongoing committed schedule during our open hours (Tuesday 12-5; Wednesday 12-7; Thursday 12-5; Friday 12-5 and Saturday 10-5). You can work as many hours you like, but will need to stick to a regular schedule.
  • We ask that each volunteer shift be at least 3 hours.
  • You are customer oriented with strong communication skills.
  • You have strong computer and phone experience.
  • You are ready to learn as much as you can about our rescue so you can provide accurate information to people.

If that sounds like you, email your availability to, and go ahead and complete a volunteer application at

For clarification, we are still operating normal hours - we are only putting a temporary hold on new animal intake at our Evansville location so that we catch up the backlog.

We are going to temporarily close our intake at our Evansville location until further notice. (Our Spencer location will continue intake.) During the pandemic, we continued our intake even when other businesses, including our vets, were forced to close. We have also helped over 100 community members in need the last few months. We currently have 145 animals in our care at the Evansville location and 57 animals at our Spencer location. We have 1 full-time employee and 2 part-time employees trying to process hundreds of applications while getting over 200 animals vetted and, frankly, we are overwhelmed. We have been trying to do our best, but we have received complaints that our best is not good enough. We are going to spend the next week evaluating our procedures, including our pre-adoption procedures, as well as trying to get some help with our current backlog. If we have disappointed you recently, we are deeply sorry. We will try to do better. We are hopeful that we can find balance and open up our Evansville intake again in the near future. Thank you to everyone who has volunteered, fostered and supported us. Stay tuned.

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