Normally the arrival of spring and summer would mean the kids can finally get out of the house and burn up all that energy running, jumping, playing, etc. However, the coronavirus pandemic has made this spring, and possibly this summer (hopefully not), anything but ordinary. With social distancing, and recommendations from government officials to stay home, kids interacting with other kids in some fashion has taken a major hit which is why the YMCA of Southwestern Indiana is contemplating starting an E-Sports League, but they want to get your thoughts on the idea first.

If you're unfamiliar with the term, "E-Sports," it's basically video game tournaments. The kind that started out in someone's basement and have evolved into major productions held in arenas where players are winning millions of dollars for being really good gamers.

The Y's version wouldn't be for money, but a way for kids to "to remain active (in some capacity) while participating with other kids from our program in a virtual aspect."

It's an idea they've been contemplating for a while according to their website, and since facilities like theirs have been ordered to stay closed to prevent the spread of COVID-19, it's one they're revisiting. But, before they move forward, they need to see if there's enough interest from the public. Why put in all the effort to make it happen if no one is going to participate, right?

All you need to do is e-mail them at with answers to the following questions:

  1. Child's Name (+ parents name with email and cell phone number)
  2. Would your child be interested in signing up for E-Sports opportunities to play in sports video game leagues/tournaments [i.e.- NBA 2K, The Show (MLB), Madden (Football), Fifa (Soccer), Rocket League (Soccer, Basketball, Hockey)] from the comfort of your home with other players from our program via online video game forums overseen by our sports staff?
  3. Favorite e-sport game...NBA 2K, The Show (MLB), Madden (Football), Fifa (Soccer), Rocket League (Soccer, Basketball, Hockey)
  4. What game system does your child currently play on...Play Station or XBox?

The YMCA also says at this time, they are still planning on hosting "summer sports programs, leagues, clinics and camps that start the last week of May." Keep an eye on their Facebook page for any changes on those plans.

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