It's been a warm week for Christmas in the Tri-State, Christmas day was so warm in fact, that Evansville tied the warmest Christmas day on record which was set in 1982.

When you think of Christmas time, visions of cold weather, and snow typically pop into your head. However Christmas 2019 was definitely anything but that.  Some of my favorite Christmas memories are sitting in my parents living room with the fireplace going watching Christmas movies. However we spent much of Christmas day sitting outside, and soaking up the sunshine.  While I love the warmer temperatures, it definitely made Christmas feel a bit odd.

According to the National Weather Service, the warmest Christmas day on record for Evansville was set in 1982 when Christmas day temps hit 68 degrees.  Yesterday at 3:10 PM the NWS confirmed that the temperature in Evansville hit 68 degrees, tying the record high set in 1982.  While this break from the cold has been nice, rest assured colder temps will be returning to ring in the new year.  Temperatures will be back in the 40's next week.

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