A group of about 50 adventurous souls, including some folks from Evansville, decided to take an overnight tour of Waverly Hills, the famously haunted sanitarium in Louisville, KY. I guess you could say they got their money's worth, as they reported experiencing some paranormal activity.

Waverly Hills opened way back in the early 1900's as a sanatorium for folks afflicted with tuberculosis. It served in that capacity until the 1960's. Despite the fact that it was a state-of-the-art facility at the time, thousands of people died there over the decades. Is that what makes it so haunted? One would think. But according to some former patients, Waverly Hills was haunted back then too.

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Either way - why in the world would you want to spend the night in such a spooky place? What's wrong with these people?!? Full disclosure - I'm a big weenie when it comes to spirits, ghosts, hauntings, etc in real life. I like to think that I don't believe in that kind of thing, so I shouldn't be scared, but those kinds of places freak me right on out.

(Thanks to WHAS 11 for this video)

What about you? Do you think what they heard or saw was real? Or do you think they just really wanted to experience something, so they believe they did?

If you have an extra few minutes, you should watch this piece from KET. It's a pretty neat look at the history of Waverly Hills.

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