Evansville really is a beautiful place to call home, and the city has a lot to offer, but recently it has made a list that gives a less than stellar look for our community.

The Bad and the Ugly of Evansville

Over the years Evansville has carried a number of titles. In 2011, our gluttonous ways earned us the title of the "most obese city in America," and in 2014, the River City was named the "meth Capital of the world."  Four years later, 2018 brought with it the declaration that Evansville was one of the "most dangerous cities in the nation."

Evansville Has Plenty of Good Too


It hasn't all been bad though. In 2016 the city was named one of the "best cities for electricians," and in 2019 Evansville ranked as the #1 place in the United States for 20-something homeowners. Of course, there is it's designation as "Stoplight City" and it was named as an "American World War II Heritage City" by the National Parks Department in 2022.

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How Is Evansville Doing in 2023?

How has our beloved city faired in 2023? What list or survey could we possibly top this time? Insurify has compiled a list of the "Cities with the Rudest Drivers in Each State," and as surprising as it may (or may not) be, Evansville tops the list for Indiana.

Evansville has a strong sports culture and a passion for basketball. A little bit of that passionate spirit might be coming out on the road. If you’re willing to navigate through a few of Evansville’s ill-mannered drivers, you’ll find numerous museums, a vibrant art scene, and welcoming residents who are far from rude.- Insurify
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Perpetual Road Construction

Now, I'm not saying that the folks over at Insurify are wrong, but I feel like if their writers had to drive through as many orange cones and barrels as the average Evansville driver does in a day, they'd probably be pretty rude too. I honestly, don't even know the last time that I drove somewhere in the city and did not encounter road construction of some kind.

[Source: Insurify]

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