Los Alfaro's is a restaurant in Evansville serving up Latin cuisine.  They opened their doors at 1021 S. Weinbach Avenue in 2019. Unfortunately just a few months after opening, the COVID-19 pandemic would severely impact the restaurant industry.

Today (July 29th)  Los Alfaro's posted the following to Facebook:

Dear friends,

This is a difficult post to write. The past few months have been very difficult for our small restaurant, and as much as we’d like to keep going- we’re afraid of what the near future may look like for us. As a family business, we started Los Alfaro’s Restaurant with the intention to serve our community members with fresh, authentic food from around Latin America so many can travel the world through our menu.

We’ve been blessed with the opportunity to build connections with many of our clients, and when you dine with us we like to think of you as friends. Our family has been working to reach the American Dream for over 20 years and Los Alfaro’s Restaurant is our living dream.

We hope to continue to have our doors open, but we are thinking of closing our doors due to the pandemic. Therefore, we’re asking for your support - spread the word about our restaurant, tell your friends why they need to try our food, and please support our small business by coming to eat or ordering online through our drive-thru. We just finished our beautiful outside patio and will love to see you fill those tables.

Unfortunately Los Alfaro's isn't the only local business that have been severely impacted by the pandemic and loss of business.  One thing I love about the Tri-State is how passionate the community is about seeing local businesses not just survive, but thrive.  This is a reminder, and a bit of a wake up call that we need to support local businesses in this rough time.

So the next time you plan on eating out, please consider dining, or getting your takeout from a local establishment.  We've got many locally owned restaurants across the Tri-State serving up delicious food, who I know would love to serve you.

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